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Welcome - La bordello Bohème are now called Cabaret Boheme

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Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the World of La Bordello Bohème, a show filled with Burlesque, Circus, Cabaret, Variety and Vaudeville. Let us take you on a joy ride of sensual entertainment, a carousel of wonderment and excitement, let us fill your ears with sultry vocals as you feast your eyes on death defying feats and let us warm things up a bit with red hot burlesque.

Join us and our friends, some of world's greatest performers, so sit down, buckle up and prepare for some fun, the ride is about to begin...

Created and curated by Billie Rae and Veronica Blacklace with a host of fabulous guest performers. La Bordello Bohème have graced the stages of the world with their sell out shows from London to Edinburgh and even New York. 

'Brighton's tastiest Late night performers'
- Brighton Fringe
'an exciting show, both sexy and thrilling in parts, which needs to be seen'
- This is Cabaret
'an explosion of sex and circus'
- Thrill City

With their combined talents and with their background for corporate event management, festival programming and large scale event productions,  these ladies know how to put on a good party...