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La Bordello Bohème

veronica blacklace

Veronica Blacklace
With over 10 years of singing experience and training Veronica Blacklace is one of the most compelling and unique comperes on the UK scene. Her wit, beauty and voice can entertain any audience of any size. When she opens her mouth people listen and just want more! With her array of costumes and song titles, like a chameleon she and can fit into any situation.

billie rae

Billie Rae
A well known and respected name on the UK and International Burlesque scene, Billie Rae has a wide spread identity of being one of the most compelling and creative, vintage burlesque dancers performing right now, incorporating fire, circus and old school glamour into her art Billie Rae can create truly inspiring beautiful acts to entertain any crowd.

chi chi revolver

Chi Chi Revolver
An undeniably talented and fantastic performer, ChiChi literally is a child of the Circus, her colourful acts range from dizzying hula hooping to graceful trapeze. Her energy is contagious and she is assured to get any crowd roaring with delight. Her hula hoop striptease is mesmerizing and she is and unmissable asset to any show.